Spring Blossoms

I managed to get out for sunrise last weekend as I had been wanting to shoot the new Spring blossoms along Lake Burley Griffin. I took the same shot during Autumn (which I will post soon) and wanted to get a shot during Spring to contrast the two.

Spring in Canberra is normally very windy and couple this with the fact that Lake Burley Griffin is used by Rowers most mornings I considered myself lucky to get still water allowing the reflection of the tree line to create the symmetrical lead in line to Telstra Tower in the background.

This one was taken with the D90 and Sigma 70-200mm.


~ by michaelolive on September 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “Spring Blossoms”

  1. gorgeous photograph

  2. that place doesn’t even look like it belongs in australia! stunning scenery and great capture

  3. I like this one Michael – very serene, though I do feel my eye wanting a bit more of/to the right of frame. I have no idea if that was possible or if there is an ugly building there or what ? Regardless nice image and it’s great to so the seasons turn and be out and about more.

  4. Great shot mate, love the trees.

  5. Great looking blog, I love your photos.. any more posts coming?

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your comment. I have just made my first post in a long time and intend to post more frequently in the near future. Glad you like the photos.


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