My little girl is growing up……

Hi folks, sorry for the major lack of posts lately I will be trying to make more time for posting and commenting in the coming weeks.

The reason for the hiatus, Little Mia, is growing up so fast and will be 8 months this weekend. My wfie and I have watched her develop from a helpless little baby into a beautiful little girl full of life and personality. Even though it has been a hard slog it has been very rewarding and I think we can both say without doubt that we couldn’t imagine life without her in it now.

We reached a major milestone last week in that it was the first night that Mia has slept through the night since she was born. A beautiful 7 hours of sleep for all has made such a huge difference to everyones well being. It is amazing how much you take things for granted before you have children and then once they arrive it becomes a lot easier to enjoy the cimple things in life.

We look forward to what the future holds for us and being able to watch little Mia grow year on year.

Just a few more recent photos taken over the past 2 months. The bottom 2 are the most recent and were taken on my new iPhone (man I love this thing, you always have a decent camera with you).

Thanks for stopping by. I intend to start making more regular appearances on the blog and have a few photos, mostly from around Canberra to post in the coming weeks.


~ by michaelolive on September 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “My little girl is growing up……”

  1. ah wow these are stunning! she’s beautiful

  2. Fantastic to see a post from you Michael – WOW ! Mia is just gorgeous ! such beautiful eyes and smile ! I wouldn’t be blogging much either if I was you. 🙂

    all the best,

  3. oh my gosh she’s a really little princess
    & i have to agree with tony, she has the most beautiful eyes

  4. Beautiful girl and stunning images mate.
    I am you guys are having a great time.

    • Hey Tom, hope things are well with you. Looks like you have been getting some great shots from down the South Coast again. We are both having a great time with Mia she is one in a million.


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