Dusk at Parliament House

Now that winter is here most of the colour has disappeared from the Canberran landscape so I have decided to start to try and capture the Capitals landmarks in a different light to what I have seen before.

The shot below is not a new composition of Parliament house, but I think the conditions that this image was captured under (mainly overcast and cold) gives this iconic image a more artistic feel to it. Obviously there has been a bit of post processing to the image but the original RAW file gave a very unique colour cast to the whole image which I think was created by the combination of the artificial lighting and the reflection of that lighting from the overhead cloud?

I love the detail in the foreground of this image however the thing I don’t like is that the blur in the sky creates the illusion that Parliament House itself is not sharply in focus. I have zoomed into 100% and can assure you that it is. I also don’t like the noise in the sky created by the long exposure.

I have also started using my ultra wide zoom again a lot more, it has been a while but I think my skills are progressing enough to make some good compositions with it as opposed to previously when I wasn’t quite getting it right.

Nikon D90 and Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm.


~ by michaelolive on May 31, 2010.

5 Responses to “Dusk at Parliament House”

  1. Stunning image Mike, Great tones, detail and drama – I like it ! In fact I’d say it would be a favourite of your canberra shots for me.

  2. Nice work Mike, great capture, foreground and sky.

  3. i think it’s great

  4. That’s a wonderful shot of parliament house!

  5. yep best shot of Parliament House I have seen. Just watch the hot spots on the sides. I know it is pretty hard though especially with night exposures. Next time ask the guards if you can get the side lights turned off a few seconds into the exposure! haha

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