Hey everyone! Its been two long months since my last post but finally I have had a decent chance to get the camera back in my hands. Between work and being a dad I have been flat out and spare time has been at a premium. I still manage to look at peoples blogs but don’t get much time to comment at the moment but hopefully soon that will change.

My wife and I decided to get out of the house and risk the chaos that is a screaming baby and take the hours drive to Braidwood just east of Canberra. This may sound trivial but even a trip to the shops has become a major operation these days. I still can’t believe it has been 12 weeks since Mia was born!

Braidwood is a cute little town with plenty of history and for us is normally a quick stop off on the way to or from the coast to have lunch or a snack. It was nice to spend some time in the town for once and have a bit of a look around and enjoy the laid back feel that comes with a country town, hey the waitress at the cafe we had lunch at even babysat Mia while we ate lunch, you don’t get that in the city!

Anyhow here are a few of my favourite photos from Braidwood all taken with the D90 and the Nikkor 35mm f1.8. Hope everyone is well and that 2010 is treating them well.

‘Gas Station’

‘Retro Beauty’

‘Old Boy’

‘Autumn Leaves’

‘Little Mia’


~ by michaelolive on April 18, 2010.

8 Responses to “Braidwood”

  1. michael! glad to see you’re back and doing well
    these photographs are stunning, definitly worth the wait

    & little mia is growing so fast, she’s adorable and your wife is a beautiful lady

  2. Good to see yo back and no need to apologise for putting your loved ones before blogs !
    I like the first image for it randomness, I’m always a sucker for a quality puppy-pic and the final one of wifey and bub is beautiful.

    tone 🙂

    • Thanks Tone

      Love shooting random things and I just had to shoot the puppy just sitting their waiting for its owner. Hope things are well with you.


  3. michael, glad to have you back – intermittently 🙂

    really like the post processing on these photos. nice soft, retro feel

    hope you and your family are well

  4. Great pics Mike,
    Gas station looks great.
    Mia is so beautiful, hope all is going well for you and your beautiful wife.

    I’m in Molly at the moment 🙂

    Take care mate,

    • Hey mate,

      Thanks for stopping by. Have been following your photos from Mollymook they look great. We are heading down to Merimbula for the long weekend so looking forward to some time away. Look forward to the next catch up, maybe in your part of the country next time.


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