Morning Spray

Hey all, sorry for the absence! As it turns out people were right when they said that parenting takes up a lot of your time.

To keep the photos flowing on the blog while I don’t have the time to get out and take new ones I have had to go back through my hard drives and find some of the photos that I was meaning to post but never got around to it.

One of my favourite things to photograph outside of landscapes is the surf and surfing. Living in Canberra doesn’t really provide much opportunity but whenever I get the chance I like to get out with the telephoto lens and snap away and even take the odd video footage. I haven’t really taken advantage of the D90’s movie capabilities as it is not that user friendly but I think next time I am down the coast I will give it a go. I am also keen to pick up a waterproof housing and give it a go out in the break but it just seems so expensive as a hobby!

This shot comes from the beautiful coastline of Eden in southern NSW. It was taken just after sunrise making the most of the beautiful backlighting and the offshore breeze to freeze the golden spray as the wave came crashing in.

Hope you like it, more new stuff to come soon (fingers crossed).

Nikon D90 and Sigma 70-200mm with Sigma 1.4x teleconverter


~ by michaelolive on February 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “Morning Spray”

  1. eden is a beautiful spot, we take the travel up there when we camp at mallacoota 🙂
    awesome photo, love the colours on the surf

  2. Such a beautiful wave! And congratulations on the baby girl. She’s lovely.

  3. very Nice Mike – love the back lighting also !

  4. Nice light there, Michael. Love the colours.

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