The Dome

Another shot from the War Memorial, although this time taken from a different angle and a close up of the roof. I love the way the dome lights up as the last rays of light hit it in the evening letting all of the textures and shades shine through. The best thing about taking this photo is that I didn’t have to wait for all the tourists to move out of the way, gotta love telephoto lenses.

Love this time of year, when the Australian Open starts. I am kind of hoping the baby comes early so at least if I have to be up I can be watching some tennis instead of some crappy home shopping. Might have to tell the wife to start  doing some daily lunges or whatever else is supposed to make a baby come early.

Nikon D90, Sigma 70-200mm @ 200mm, F5.6 @ 1/250 sec.


~ by michaelolive on January 18, 2010.

8 Responses to “The Dome”

  1. This and the Coppin’s Crossing photo you posted recently are awesome, Michael. The contrast and textures in this one are sweet, and the colours and composition of Coppin’s are great.

  2. Sweet mate, love it.
    Your kicking goals with that 70-200mm.

  3. (*cough* sex makes the baby come early..)

    on to your photograph! i like your choice to keep the photograph in tight & zoomed
    i like the B&W processing

  4. i like how it just ‘pops’ 🙂

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