Australian War Memorial

I have been attempting to capture the War Memorial right through summer and haven’t been happy with the results I had been getting until I managed to capture this shot on New Years Day. The War Memorial is one of the coolest museums I have been to in Australia and holds significant importance to me as my pop fought on the Kakoda trail in WW2.

I was there to capture the last rays on sunlight as the way the shadows stretch across the parade grounds and the way the dome lights up is a sight to see, however I didn’t really capture it how I’d imagined. As I got about half way back to the car park I turned and noticed some cool clouds in the distance so I made the decision to hang around to see what I could get as the sunset wasn’t looking great anyway.

Just as the clouds rolled into position, luck would have it that the lights at the memorial came to life to add further interest to the scene. I patiently waited for the people walking on the grounds to clear (I think I was cursing them under my breathe whilst smiling politely) and once they left I started snapping away. This is the result, a shot that I am very happy with not only because I like the way it turned out but also because I don’t think I have ever seen a photo of the War Memorial like this (most are during the day or at Sunset) and I think the mood suits the subject perfectly.

The other thing I loved about shooting this image was that it was the first time I have used my new Lee ND Grad filters and they are awesome. No colour cast and smooth as silk.

Nikon D90, Nikon 17-35mm @ 35mm, f11, I think about 10 second exposures, 10 images stitched and cropped.


~ by michaelolive on January 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “Australian War Memorial”

  1. Very sweet shot Mike, love it.
    You are very lucky to have great architecture close by.
    Another thing you could do is crop the bottom steps out to the bottom of the next flight, really simplify it, also see if a warming filter works to bring out the lighting.

    Good luck for you and your wife in the coming weeks, very exciting time.


  2. nice moody shot, is this the one in melbourne?

  3. is this the canberra war memorial michael? i went there on year 9 camp, it was a very informative & interesting camp

    very awesome moody photography, you represented the place well

  4. hey Mike,
    Nice dark and moody image – quite appropriate processing for such a scene/subject.

    tone 🙂

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