First shot from 17-35mm

Hi guys

Just thought I would post a quick photo taken with my new 17-35mm lense from the other evening near Captains Flat just south east of Canberra. You probably can’t tell from this photo but this lense is super sharp and contrasty and photos look great when viewed at 100% (if I nailed the focus that is), plus it screams professional with it’s size so maybe I will start commanding some respect  😮 .

I was getting some weird looks from passers by while taking this photo, I don’t think they get to see too many photographers in thongs and boardies out there way, hmmm don’t know why!



~ by michaelolive on January 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “First shot from 17-35mm”

  1. helllo 🙂 i have been to merimbula! when we are at mallacoota we often take the trip up to eden also, have you been there(?)
    i think it is deffinitly worth you taking the extra trip out to mallacoota next time, beautiful place

    you have my respect already 🙂
    baha thongs & boardies..true aussie

    this photo is very moody & commanding of my attention, i like it a lot
    the lens seems awesome, now i’m jealous of this one too
    will this become your ‘everyday’ lens, like a walkabout one(?) i need to upgrade my kit lens (18-55mm)

    • I really like Merimbula, great cabins on the point and realtively quiet during winter. I have been to Eden a few times now, have done a bit of photography around the area but wasn’t really happy with the effort so will go back next time I’m in Merimbula. May try and check Mallacoota out for a day trip as well, would be nice to discover new areas.

      Your very kind. I don’t think I really think about my attire until I am out and about and trying to jump fences and scurry across fields in thongs, probably looks quite funny to passers by.

      This lens will become my main lense, but it is pretty heavy so will use the new 35mm f1.8 quite a bit for walking around to. It took me 5 years to update my kit lense as for the price they are pretty good, I have read that the 18-55mm that you have is pretty good as far as kit lenses go. I tried not to get caught up in lense envy which is probably why it took me so long to upgrade my kit lense, oh that and the fact I had to save for it for a long time.

      Also for some reason I can’t view the photos on your blog from my work computer : ( I just get the text, so I have to look after work.



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