More from Dolphin Point

Another shot from Dolphin Point just south of Ulladulla. Just before I took this shot I met a nice old guy who was about to start fishing off the rocks and he was even nice enough to wait until I had my shot before moving into frame which is rare in this day and age. He was explaining to me that the fish would be biting in around near where you can see the splash against the rocks in this photo and man was he right. When I came back through to go to the car he had a  large bag full of fresh fish and it was only about 20 minutes.

With a bit better light this spot has great potential, especially for a spot that I had driven past many times and not even given it a look in.

Taken with the Nikon D90, Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm, f11 @ 0.5 seconds.


~ by michaelolive on December 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “More from Dolphin Point”

  1. I like the leading line that the rock ledge creates. Good composition, and timing with the splashing wave.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I love the colour of the water and that streak of red through the rocks. Great shot.


  3. gorgeous and i love the splash also

    p.s you didn’t go fishing with the old man? .. or better yet, capture a discrete photo of him?

    • Thanks Chloe,

      No fishing for me, my old man failed in his teachings in that respect and no I didn’t manage to get a photo of him, I always think of that a little too late.


  4. Looks like a nice place to photograph. Good job Michael.

  5. nice timing on that splash, michael

  6. just stopping by to wish you a merry christmas michael and say i’ve really enjoyed visiting your blog x

  7. Nice Mike,
    I think with my Dolphin Point shot, my wave was in the same spot, but i was standing up the other end.
    Really good shot, great water blur and colour.

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