Jones’ Beach Panorama

Another shot taken from my shoot with Thomas Parkes on Saturday night in Mollymook/Narrawalle. A very similar shot but this time it is a stitched panorama. This is the first stitch I have tried with the 10-20mm wide angle lens and I think it turned out alright bar from the obvious distortion. I think it was taken at 14mm (21mm full frame equivalent) and was about 10 shots stitched in photoshop. Let me know what you think?

Check out Thomas’ shot from the same spot here.


~ by michaelolive on December 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Jones’ Beach Panorama”

  1. Hey Mike that turned out great.
    I am amazed as it is not terribly distorted as what I thought it would have been.
    Again great water and sky colour, well captured.


    • Cheers Tom

      I am happy with it, there’s a little bit of work in photoshop to hide the distortion already and I reckon I could probably get rid of a bit more. I like you was surprised how well it turned out after using the wide angle, gotta try these things I guess. I tried to overlap the shots by quite a bit so maybe that helped to control the distortion?


  2. Really nice, mate! Good work on the stitching. Some strange colours in this scene. Is that Thomas standing out there on one of the rocks in the distance?

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