Jones’ Beach, Mollymook

I’m back from my weekend down the coast of which I managed to get a little bit of photography in. The weather was pretty good for holidaying but the light wasn’t so great for photography but I gave it my best shot and I will post the results in the coming days.

I also got the chance to catch up with fellow blogger Thomas Parkes on Saturday night and we headed out for a quick shoot together in the Mollymook/Ulladulla area. It was great to finally meet Tom in person and I can say that he is a really great guy, I look forward to next time we cross paths. As there there doesn’t seem to be many like minded people here in Canberra it was great to share some stories and experiences with Tom.

Anyway here is a shot from the shoot with Tom at Jones’ beach near Bannisters Hotel and Restaurant (an area that Tom actually put me onto with one of his photographs).

Single image taken with Nikon D90 and Sigma 10-20mm, 0.6 & 0.9 Cokin ND Grads.


~ by michaelolive on December 14, 2009.

12 Responses to “Jones’ Beach, Mollymook”

  1. gorgeous colours, michael. this reminds me of new zealand a lot. looking forward to seeing what you got from down this way 🙂

    • Thanks Katie, I loved the colours I got out of this too, it wasn’t expected. I would love to go to NZ it is on my list of young child friendly countries. I loved the images you posted from NZ too by the way.

  2. cool shot Mike – I actually like the white foreground rocks/pebbles in this as they are a little bit unusual in Aust seascapes.


    • Thanks Tony, I agree its not something you often see here in Aus. I have found another spot which I will hopefully get to over the Chrissy break that is totally covered in pebbles like this and has some nice interesting rock formations.

  3. Great shot. Where the water and rocks meet in the foreground, it looks as though it is mist rising.

  4. Really cool shot Mike, great water.
    You captured the reds in the sky well too.
    Great meeting you.

    • Thanks Tom,

      Thanks for taking me to the spot. I processed the water using a tutorial from Brent Pearson (he is the master). I tried to bring out as much of the reds as possible.

      Enjoy the rest of your break, hopefully you are inspired for some more photography so I can soak up your images from my desk at work.

  5. hi michael
    it was really good to hear from you 🙂
    sounds like you’ve been having fun and i really like the soft tones of the water in this photograph
    beautiful photography

    • Hey Chloe

      Sorry about being missing in action I have been very slack on the commenting lately (I am still checking blogs though). The last few weeks have been flat out and hopefully with the break coming up I might be able to be more active on here.

      I love the soft colours in this one too, that D90 of ours can bring out some great colour if your careful in photoshop.


  6. You’ve captured some neat colours in this one, Michael.

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