Another Waterfall

I was going through some older images the other night and came across this shot that I liked quite a lot. It was taken about a year ago up in the Tamborine Mountains near Curtis Falls and I remember at the time I was going through a HDR phase and was bracketing a lot of my shots. It turns out that I am not a huge fan of the exaggerated HDR look but upon revisiting the image and having gained a lot more knowledge in Photoshop I decided I would create a blended exposure out of the 3 images I took at the time. As it turns out I only used two of the images (the correct exposure and 2 stops underexposed) and combined them using layers in photoshop. I boosted a bit of saturation and gave it a minor adjustments curve but that is it.

Also for those out there with any experience I am thinking of purchasing Joseph Holmes DCAM 3 colour profile and was wondering what people had to say about it.

I’m off to watch the Tudors, lovin that show!


~ by michaelolive on November 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Another Waterfall”

  1. Nice capture Michael, could do with a little more blacks to highlight the colors … I have not used the DCAM 3 color profile but am also looking at it myself …

  2. the love the sun rays beaming down, that’s magical
    i can’t believe this is two photos blended together
    i find the water consuming, i think i could sit & watch this for hours

  3. Nice composition Mike – I love the vivid sub tropical greens ! 🙂

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