Early start




Hey all, sorry for the lack of posts this week and for not commenting on people’s blogs, it has been flat out at work with monthly reporting and at home as we are having some renovations done to the outside of the house before the baby arrives in Feb next year so there has been no time for photography this week.

This is a shot from Lake Burley Griffin looking east over the Carillion and out towards Russell and was taken just as the sun was rising. Without these clouds this shot would have been pretty lifeless so I was grateful that they decided to show up.

Starting to warm up here in Canberra, it hasn’t taken long for the green colours to be sucked out of the landscape, oh well I guess it was nice while it lasted and at least our dams are now over 50% full.


~ by michaelolive on November 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Early start”

  1. congrats on the bubba who arrives in feb 🙂 how exciting, do you know what you’re having, boy or girl(?) 🙂

    looks like it was going to be a gorgeous day, did the weather live up to the terrific sunrise(?)

    • Thanks Chloe, we are very excited. We do know but we aren’t telling anyone until it’s born so it will be a surprise.

      The day was nice but man its getting hot here now.

  2. that sky is beautiful, michael

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