Last light at Lake George

Lake George

Lake George is located about 20km’s north of Canberra, near Bungendore in NSW. I was out there chasing a storm over the Canberra Wind Farm (photo to come) a few weeks back and also managed to catch the last light hitting the surrounding hills. It was definitely a weird afternoon as directly to my left and behind me there was a huge storm front approaching which luckily held off until I was back in the car heading home. Mind you the drive home wasn’t that pleasant on the freeway, very slippery!

You may have asked yourself that it doesn’t look like a lake and in a way you would be right as Lake George has not had water in it for the best part of my life. I think that it would be cool if it was to fill up again but then again the consequences might not be great for the surrounding area.

This was only a quick processing job to get it on the blog so I might re-visit sometime to see if I can come up with something better.


~ by michaelolive on November 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “Last light at Lake George”

  1. Beautiful scene and I love the clouds and the sun light on the mountains. The composition does seem to lack a beginning and and end though or some sort of anchor for the eye to rest on.

    • Thanks for the comment Flem, I see what you mean about the composition. I was hoping that I would get some light in the foreground as well but it disappeared too quickly.

  2. This feels more like a painting than a photograph for me, it’s so soft and whimsical, those clouds are stunning.

  3. i enjoy visiting your blog, not only because you’ve got an amazing talent that i aspire to, you’re also using the same camera as me & i know that one day i can create photos just as stunning as yours!

    there’s no words that i can find that will describe just how gorgeous this photo really is

    • Thanks Chloe, you are very kind! I like you want to get better and work the D90 to its full potential. Its cool to have all these Aussie/adopted Aussies (Flemming) photographers blogging (like yourself) because it allows me to draw inspiration from you guys as there aren’t too many like minded photographers my age where I live, well not that I have found anyway. Its always cool to see what work people come up with next.

  4. Lovely landscape shot Michael, nice hint of red light works well.
    I noticed the windfarm at Bungendore on my way through last time, stands out in the distance. Personally I think they are great, anyway of harvesting energy without CO2’s is a great achievement.

    • Thanks Thomas. It is going to be a big windfarm when completed and it adds some interest into an otherwise stale landscape which is nice. I agree that harvesting energy this way is great for the future, if only we could see more support from the Government to look at new ways to harvest energy whilst reducing emissions.

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