Cooma in drought V2

Cooma Wastelands

I posted another version of this shot earlier in the year and whilst I like the shot I was never 100% happy with it as the original didn’t quite portray what I intended when I took the shot. It was taken on the late side of midday and right at the end of summer when the draught in this area was at its worst and therefore I wanted this picture to portray the stark and dry nature of the area and felt that the original was a little too much on the happy side of things.

I had the opportunity recently to exhibit some work as a part of my local camera clubs annual exhibition so I decided to have a second attempt at processing the image to make it closer reflect what I had in mind at the time of capture. I am happy with the result (I think it still needs a few tweaks) and it was well received by the public so I thought I would re post the image here. Let me know which version you like better?

The original can be seen here.


~ by michaelolive on October 27, 2009.

18 Responses to “Cooma in drought V2”

  1. I like this very very much Michael. Harsh, dry outback country but strikingly beautiful. I think perhaps the highlights are a little too close to being blown for my taste. Just ease down ever so slightly on the highlights and it’s a winner.

  2. I like both the photos, Michael. But I agree with Flemming, this one has a harsh feel which is more consistent with what you’re trying to portray (I think). Very nice contrast and I couldn’t really pick a fault with it if I tired.

    • Thanks Katie, I feel more comfortable that this version portrays what I intended more than the previous. My wife likes the previous as it is a happier image and she thinks I tend to make things look unhappy to often. Cheers.

  3. Hah Michael, that is so cute 😉 Your wife sounds gorgeous

  4. Great Shot Michael,
    The blues are much nicer with that desat of the yellow.
    I recall driving through Cooma about 4-5 years back and not seeing one blade of grass for many kilometres.

    • Thanks Tom, its a strange landscape between Cooma and Nimitabel not much in the way of life during that stretch and almost alien. For some reason with the right lighting it becomes strangely beautiful though and I intend to head back there later towards summer to get some more shots.

  5. I feel this image is the better of the two Michael. I really like the composition and the sheep add a lot to the image. I think you could maybe try darken the grass in the left hand side of the image so that it matches that in the right. This would make the sheep stand out a little more as some of them seem to get lost in the landscape. Hope that helps

  6. Got my rights and lefts mixed up in the comment above:)

  7. i have to say i like this one so much more, it’s magnificent

  8. Thanks Chloe, I like this one to. Cheers

  9. Very nice image, Mate. Everything is spot on. If only it was a longer exposure and the windmill was blurred 😉

  10. Hey Michael this is great, you have really captured the overall seen and atmosphere of it i reckon.

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