I’m back from my weekend up to Sydney and whilst the weather wasn’t to kind for landscape photography I still managed to get out and get a couple of shots of the harbour at sunrise and sunset (which I will post later in the week) and we managed to have a great weekend and fit a lot in to just two days.

Sydney is such a culturally diverse city, I love travelling to all the different areas and seeing what can be found there. This time around we visited Cabramatta which is home to Sydney’s Vietnamese community. It is amazing how they have made this area their own as it almost feels like you are walking the streets of Saigon (minus the motorbikes) with the bustling street activity and hawker style vendors. We managed to spend a couple of hours walking the streets where I managed to snap a few shots. This time I thought I would challenge my composition skills by using only the Nikon 50mm f1.8 and use my feet instead of relying on the zoom, please consider that I was suffering from a giant hangover during this visit so I have elevated myself to trooper status! We topped the afternoon off with a brilliant lunch at one of the many traditional Vietnamese restaurants.

I can’t wait to get back to Sydney as whilst I couldn’t live there I had forgotten how much fun it is.

ATM Madness


Boys in Blue

Finished Bowl


Old Shopper

Roller Door


~ by michaelolive on October 19, 2009.

7 Responses to “Cabramatta”

  1. gotta love that 50mm 🙂 i too am bad with relying on my zoom, it’s just so much more convenient. very nice pictures, have a good trip!

  2. thankyou for your comments michael, much appreciated! i love hearing from photographers also using the d90
    i’m looking into the 35mm as i type this (multi-talented)
    i love all of these photographs, extremely sharp & focused – something i want in my next lens! my favourite (if i can even pick one!) would be the candid almost b&w shot of the old man 😀

    could you explain what you meant by the 50mm being ‘too long’ for the d90(?)
    p.s i added you to my blogroll so i can keep up with your photography

    • Thanks for your comments Chloe. I haven’t come across a huge number of D90 users blogging in Australia. With the 50mm lens I just meant that on the D90 it is the equivalent of a 75mm lens because of the crop factor so it is getting up into a short range portrait lens and personally I sometimes find myself a bit cramped for room, where as the 35mm is more like a 50mm or standard lens on the D90. Don’t get me wrong the 50mm is the sharpest and fastest lens I own and I love it but if I could choose again I would probably get the 35mm prime first (more versatile to me anyway but really its a few steps either way). Maybe try going out shooting for a day with your 18-55 lens zoomed to 50mm and then another day at 35mm and see which one suits you best, just an idea.

      PS. Thanks for the link, I have added your blog to my blog roll so I can keep track of your photography.

  3. Great still life shots Michael, the barber shop is brilliant.


  4. thanks for replying michael; the whole ‘go out shooting for a day with your 18-55 lens zoomed to 50mm and then another day at 35mm’ was the best idea anyones suggested so far 🙂

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