Giant Fig

Strangler Fig

It is always a humbling experience taking a trek in one of Australia’s rainforests knowing that the beauty surrounding you is many many years old. I tend to find it hard to capture the beauty before me in just a collection of  photographs but still I try if only for a visual record for myself.

This shot was taken along the well worn track to Elabana Falls in the Lamington NP. I found the trees here amzingly beautiful, especially seeing as though I come from Canberra and these opportunties are few and far between. I am always amazed at the root systems that these things must have as a lot of them, like the one in the background, are leaning at some wicked angles.

I’m off to Sydney in a few hours so will hopefully have some photos to post next week sometime. I am interested to see what I come back with as there has been quite a few shots from there on other people’s blogs lately which I am sure will have influenced my ideas. Enjoy the weekend!


~ by michaelolive on October 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Giant Fig”

  1. i stumbled upon your blog via the tag ‘nikon d90’ & i’m glad i did, your photograph is stunning & you’re from australia! 🙂
    i’ve had my d90 for 9 months now & i’m still learning how to use it eep!

  2. Hey Chloe, I’m glad you found me and thanks for your comment. I have had my D90 for about 12 months now after owning a D70 for a while. Its a cool camera that takes a while to learn but you can get some amazing results from it.

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