Nikon D3s Announced


‘Image courtesy of Nikon Rumors’

As previously rumoured Nikon has just announced the Nikon D3s,  a 12 megapixel update of the original D3 with a raft of improvements I assume that are aimed at the professional sports, press and events photographer. It looks like it will retail for $5,200 US for the body only. This thing is said to have decent image quality up to ISO 12,800 and at a push to ISO 102,400 which is pretty impressive and shoots at 9 frames/second in FX mode (11fps in DX).

For me the obvious thought still remains, Nikon is missing a body to compete with the Canon 5D Mark II for landscape photographers not willing to shell out the outrageous price of the D3x. I guess the Nikon D700 must be that good that it competes highly against the 5D Mark II. We all know that megapixels aren’t the be all and end all but for anyone looking to make large prints surely it provides a bit more flexibility in the editing room. Plus we have already seen that by adding pixels up to around that 20+ megapixel mark it does not degrade the image quality at low ISO’s where most landscape photographers shoot anyway. I assume that there will be a camera in this mold sometime however I think Nikon shooters will be waiting a while as Nikon would surely not want to undermind the Nikon D3x early in its life cycle. Plus Nikon have shown that they are happy to play things their way otherwise they wouldn’t have taken so long to go full frame digital.

For me personally, my D90 is only a year old and has a lot left to give me before it becomes obsolete. Maybe if I start selling a few more images the more megapixels would matter to me and I could justify the expense of a higher end body but by that time I am sure the D700x or whatever they call it will have been released.


~ by michaelolive on October 14, 2009.

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