Elabana Falls

Elabana Falls

Elabana Falls is located about a 4km walk from the O’Reilly’s Guesthouse in the Gold Coast’s Hinterland, and is a much photographed subject. It is hard to get a unique perspective on the falls as there are very few vantage points to shoot from, some of which are inaccessible after heavy rain without major risk of injury. I was lucky enough to have a nice overcast day to shoot this beautiful area.

This shot is my first attempt at taking a non panoramic stitched photo as the image is comprised of 12 shots in rows of 4 images to create the square format. It didn’t turn out quite perfect as I had to crop away some of the intended photo but I think I am happy with the final result. The original file is 30 x 30 inches at 300dpi which is not bad going for a 12 megapixel camera, the detail is excellent. I would love to return to O’Reillys as there is so much there to photograph for both landscape and nature photographers however I am not quite as anxious to do the drive up the mountain again right away. Pretty interesting stuff when you are tired, its getting dark and there are coaches coming the other way down a one way road with a sufficient drop over the edge.

The weather here is still crazy cold for mid spring, they say there is a change coming soon I just hope they are right this time!


~ by michaelolive on October 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “Elabana Falls”

  1. Great photo of a lovely location.

  2. very serene, I like how the photo captures different levels of the waterfall

  3. Very nice, mate. When were you here? I took the girlfriend a couple of weekends back. It’s my favourite waterfall on the Gold Coast, for sure.

    • Hey mate, was up there about early-mid October for a couple of days, seems way to long ago now. Beautiful area to have on your door step, Elabana Falls and that whole area is really nice I could have spent more time there but unfortunately had to head up north. hope its not to long before I am back uo there.

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