The Best from Floriade 2009

Floriade (meaning to design with flowers) is held in Canberra every Spring for about a month and features more than 1 million blooms that take up about 9,000 square metres in Commonwealth Park along Lake Burley Griffin. Over 400,000 people visited Floriade in 2008 and it is sure to be surpassed in 2009 as it remains a free event.

Whilst I am not a huge flower fan and in no way am I good a photographing flowers I normally head out to see what is on offer at least once during the month. Late last week I ventured down the road in my lunch break to see what I could come up with and these 6 images are the best I could do in the 45 minutes I had before I returning to work.

For me if you have never been to Floriade it is one of those things that if you happened to be in Canberra during that period, then sure get along and see it, it is definitely worth seeing once. Would I travel from inter state to see it? No, but then again I am not that into flowers (however I am sure my mum loves it). If your into photographing flowers then this is your ticket, just be sure to be there as soon as the gates open in the morning to get a parking spot, catch the good light and before every man and his dog gets there with their camera.

All comments welcome!



Ferris Wheel





~ by michaelolive on October 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Best from Floriade 2009”

  1. I’m very glad you stumbled accross my blog because now I’ve found another amazing photographer to follow (yes that’s you!), I love the layout of your photos, it really emphasises all the great colours. I’m going to go snoop through your archives now 🙂

    • Hey Katie, thanks for your comments. What I love about this community is that you can always find amazing new photographers to follow and its their work that sometimes keeps you inspired to better your own photography.

  2. Great set of images Michael, apart from the clowns, they freak me out.
    They would be a great asset for the Floriade event, should sell them.


    • Thanks Tom, I kind of like the clowns but I see what you mean, a little to life like for the liking. If only I could figure out a way to sell these to the masses of people coming to Floriade. hmmmm, might have to wait till next year now.


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