Back to reality!

Muswelbrook Train

Well the holiday is finally over and I am back to the grind in Canberra. Nothing like a cold hard slap of reality returning to Canberra on Tuesday to the dust storm that has swept through Australia the past week and now this, a weekend where the temperature was lucky to hit 8 degrees. I know living in Canberra I should be used to this, but after spending 3 weeks where the temperature was lucky to drop below 16 degrees over night it is a bit hard to take. Besides it is almost a month into spring.

The holiday was great (probably a little too great as I am now having to work off some excess cargo) with plenty of fun, food and relaxation. The only thing that wasn’t great was the photography with the weather being almost too good as we nearly got 2 weeks of cloudless days. Never the less I still managed to snap away a few shots which I will be posting here over the coming weeks. Its good to be back on the net and catching up with what everyone has been shooting while I was gone, it is so strange that after almost 3 weeks of no internet access I was pretty keen to log on and get my fix, pretty lame especially seeing as though I was born well before the internet.

The shot above was taken in Muswellbrook, NSW in the 30 minutes I got to shoot while I was there (visiting relatives). Its not a particularly great shot and is something that I just whipped up to go with this post but there is something about trains and railways that really interest me photographically.


~ by michaelolive on September 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Back to reality!”

  1. Look forward to se ing you shots for your trip … always hard coming back after such a good trip sounds like you have a nice time away …

    • Thanks Neal, just need to find the time to process them. Very hard coming back from holidays but at least I have my mojo back for photography, I was loosing it there for a while.

  2. 3 weeks without internet is tough.
    Nothing worse coming back to reality of crap weather after a nice time away.

    • Hey Thomas, Forecast for the long weekend here in canberra is cold and wet just what you want after 3 weeks in Qld. I am hoping for some cool skies but I think I might be wishing too much.

      • When I headed up the Kings Hwy on my way back home it was a pea-souper from Braidwood through to Yass, and the weather got gradually worse the further south I went.

        Get down to Dolphin Point, endless opportunities for shots there, and the warm coastal conditions will help you get your MOJO Back.

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