Canberra’s Skyline


I was getting a bit jealous about seeing all the beautiful skylines from around Australia’s big cities so I thought I would post a shot of Canberra’s, albeit inadequate, skyline. people from inter-state may well laugh at the lack of real estate dominating the city’s sky, but just 4 years ago all of the buildings to the left of the crane didn’t exist and the two elevator shafts to the right are brand spankers. Even with its less than menacing appearance Canberra has somehow managed to secure itself as Australia’s least affordable city.

It seems that the populations growth is much faster than accommodation develpment and in these economic times I can only see things getting worse as I expect  population growth to continue due to Canberra’s seemingly low unemployment rates and its ease of getting around town (truly its one of Australia’s best kept secrets minus a beach).

Its funny how things get out of perspective as I find myself bitching to my wife about how busy the place has gotten and how long it now takes to get to work (its a 40 minute drive from door to door, we live as far south as you can in Canberra and currently there are road works that add 10 minutes to the trip). I guess living here all your life seems to do that to you as you feel like you are starting to get some of the big city problems without any of the advantages or excitement that comes with a big city. Then I put it back into perspective and remember that its really only a 30 minute drive, I own and live in a nice house, I have a steady job and income and pretty much do what I like when I like (within reason). Its funny how everyone bags Canberra but the truth is those that have lived there and move away to places like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London etc very often return and don’t leave again until retirement.

~ by michaelolive on August 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Canberra’s Skyline”

  1. this is a nice panoramic photo, i’ve never been to canberra, you make me feel like i’m missing out! 🙂

  2. It sound like there is some real development going on there Mike, good to see for the capital !

  3. Havent really seen many photos of Canberra nice shot . Looks pretty bare even compared to Perth standards lol

  4. Thanks Katie, I don’t know about missing out, I think it is more of a local thing.

    Tony it seems as though the economic crisis missed Canberra altogether, there are no real signs of things slowing here.

    Kirk, it is a pretty lame skyline I will admit, just thought I would throw it out there to compete with the beautiful skylines around Australia. It is no Sydney/Melbourne that is for sure.

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