Tamborine Mountains



Still haven’t managed to get out and get any new shots so I was going through my hard drive last night and found this image from my trip last year. One of the things I struggle with while on holidays is managing the time between getting my photo fix as well as taking it easy and spending time with my wife. The last thing I want to do is go home more tired than I was when I left so I tend to get a bit lazy with my photo taking whilst on holiday’s. This shot is a perfect example, it was taken last year in the Tamborine Mountains whilst that part of the coast was being hammered by a number of storms over several days.  I remember chilling out in the spa that afternoon before deciding to head out and see if I could get some sunset shots. When I arrived in position it was evident that we were about to be battered by a storm that looked like it had been brewing for a while (stupid lazy arse).

I grabbed my gear out of the car and set up as fast as I could to try and get some shots (I was trying to capture some lightning strikes as they were occuring regularly). There was a crowd of people there including about 5 other photographers watching the incoming storm, so I wasn’t alone. I couldn’t believe the speed the storm was approaching and how violent it looked. I think I only managed 4 frames before I decided it was time to leave (I am no meteorologist but my inner person was telling me that some bad sh*t was about to go down) and this is the one I liked best. I jumped in the car and heading back to the safety of my accommodation with the car being belted by strong winds and all sorts of debris. What insued was one of the biggest storms I have ever indured, I remember our bathroom having a glass roof and we were watching the lightning strikes from there. It was pretty cool but there was carnage the next day and unfortunately a lot of the walks I had planned for photography were closed from then on. Forced relaxation I guess it can’t be a bad thing.



~ by michaelolive on July 27, 2009.

8 Responses to “Tamborine Mountains”

  1. Very cool shot mate, loves the three grey layers, great simplicity. And a good story to go with it.

  2. Beautiful shot with a simple but powerful composition. Well done. I love watching these come in especially when you have a camera in your hand.

  3. Thanks Thomas, I like the simplicity of this shot as well, its amazing how it is always the simple shots that draw people in.

    Thanks Matt, appreciate the comment. I almost missed this, I would have liked to get a couple of frames with a lightning strike but it was moving very fast and standing there with a metal tripod didn’t seem like a great idea anymore. I am keen to get up to Sydney soon to attend one of your courses so I look forward to meeting you. Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. Great post and a very cool shot Michael – Nice processing adding an artistic touch to a ‘storm photo’.
    I assume this is looking SW-W from the mountain…? You gotta watch out for those NE NSW and SEQ storms – that area gets a good smacking every spring-early summer.

    cheers, 🙂

  5. Thanks Tony, Yeah it was looking W I think from memory. We got hit by quite a few late afternoon storms while we were there (only 3 days) which was good to fill up the waterfalls with water except most of them were then closed because the storms did to much damage. Next time I guess. Cheers

  6. Wow, that’s one massive shelf cloud! Cool photo, Mike, and a great story to go with it. I’m like you when it comes to balancing photography with relaxation and fun on my holidays. I think it’s just my laziness. Heh.

  7. love it mate.

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