Another year passes!

Lake Burley Silhouette


31 today which means another year has flown by. As I get older it feels like the years are getting faster and faster, maybe its the burden of more and more responsibility. Despite this for some reason I don’t feel older mentally or physically really (maybe a little more out of shape but nothing a pre summer blitz can’t fix). It almost feels as though the older I get, the more doors that open up providing new oppurtunities and new adventures.

Sorry I have been a bit quiet from the blogging front for the past couple of weeks, working in finance this time of the year tends to get very hectic and means long hours at the office. I have also been getting some prints organise for an exhibition my local camera club is having in the coming weeks and this taken up a lot of spare time trying to get everything right.

I haven’t been out in a few weeks now so I thought I would post a photo taken towards the end of Autumn here in Canberra. Its not a great shot but it was one of those moments were I was just chillin out by the lake watching the world go by and just happened to snap a shot of the sunset. No pressure of finding the perfect shot just hanging out and having fun.


~ by michaelolive on July 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Another year passes!”

  1. I’m 25 this year, and I have noticed the world is on fast forward too.
    Nice weather on the coast here, had a few days over 20C.

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