The Piano Man

When taking a break from shooting landscapes, I am finding people photography more and more fun, possibly due to the endless possibilities it creates as every person is unique in their own way, be it hair, the way they dress and look or even something as simple as a facial expression. This guy really court my eye as we were watching the Jazz Festival in Merimbula. I think he epitomizes the free spirit and definitely would not be out of place on the streets of Nimbin or Byron Bay. He played away freely, seemingly unaware of the crowds building around him and totally oblivious to my lenses prying eye, possibly the perfect kind of subject.

Jazz Festival

People photography is something I am becoming more and more interested in, not only candid shots like these but also strobist/studio type work. It is something that I never thought I would take a liking to but has somehow become a little bit of an addiction for me. After my first studio session a few weeks back I am becoming more and more aware of this means of photography and the results it can create. I have found that is also a great way to learn more about lighting and how it can be used to transform a subject from ordinary into extraordinary. Both shots were taken using a Nikon D90, Sigma 70-200 f2.8 lens at 200mm @ f5.6, with natural lighting only.


I plan on posting more people photography in the future and plan to use it as a means to challenge my photographic creativity even further (especially over the winter months).


~ by michaelolive on June 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Piano Man”

  1. Nice shots Michael,
    Portraiture is definitely a field I would like to experiment in in the future sometime. The B &W treatment works well and your use of DoF is spot on as well.


  2. Nice Portrait Set

  3. Thanks Tony, its good fun and I find a lot about confidence which I am slowly developing.

    Thanks Jim, had a look at your site and there is some fine work on there. Keep it up.

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