Merimbula dawn

Short Point Dawn looking south

This is another shot from my weekend down in Merimbula. The light wasn’t spectacular but it was just so nice to be able to get up every morning and walk down to the beach or headland and grab some shots of the sunrise and early morning. I have been to Merimbula quite a few times now over the years and it is amazing how I continue to see the place differently (photographically speaking) every time I go down. My wife and I often dream about living in a smaller coastal community on the NSW South Coast as opposed to living in the city but we are always confronted by the same dilemma, what would we do for a living? I guess there is always hope for the future!

Hopefully I will have something new to post from around Canberra after this weekend. Seems like time is moving pretty fast at the moment and the cold weather and shorter days really take its toll.

Thanks for visiting.


~ by michaelolive on June 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Merimbula dawn”

  1. Looks like a great location Michael.
    As you said, with the right light it could be great.
    I haven’t done much around Merimbula, mainly Tathra.

    Totally sick of the short days too.


  2. Thomas, it is a nice location but was really me just being lazy and going to the closest headland. With a better sunrise it would really bring it to life.

    I am the opposite, have done a fair bit of Merimbula and not much of Tathra. I am trying to change that though.

    Bring on Spring.


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