Pambula River

Pambula River Reflection


Have been a bit slack lately with the blog, but have been really busy at work and home so photography is taking a backward seat at the moment. After a week of long meetings and nearing end of financial year, my weekend was spent dealing with a leaky roof and a couple of other emergencies that I won’t bore you with. I managed to steal some time tonight after the wife went to bed to process this photo from Pambula on the NSW South Coast. It was really a chance photo as we were returning from a day exploring Eden when we drove past Pambula River where the setting sun and glass like water gave way to this image. After clambering down the steep decent from the side of the road I managed to get there just in time before the sun disappeared over the hills thus loosing the light that made this shot. I don’t know what I went through on the way to taking this shot but I was picking thorns and other prickly things from my clothes for what felt like hours afterwards. It was a stitched image from probably 8 shots taken with the Nikon D90.

Thank god the winter solstice has come and gone! I know it is psychological but I can feel the change already and even though the brunt of winter hasn’t hit Canberra yet the lengthening days are something to look forward to. Hope everyone is getting some great photos.



~ by michaelolive on June 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Pambula River”

  1. Michael I wish you would stop adding more photos of the south coast.
    I’m going to have to go up there now, might go in a few weeks.

    This is just classic SE coast in the estuaries, love the light and reflection, and I reckon there would be some nice Flatheads, Luderick and Bream below that surface.

    I’m off to Mollymook in the middle of July hopefully.

  2. Thomas I still have a few more to come unfortunately as I haven’t been able to get out much lately so still processing photos from my trip the other weekend.

    My brother in law has been doing some fishing over the past few weeks and has caught some nice fish down there.

    Hopefully I will get down there again in the next few weeks (would like to get back to Mollymook as I didn’t do it justice last time), I guess for me it is kind of like what the south is to the West Aus guys.

    Actually went looking for some of the spots I saw on your website last time I was down there, inspiring!


  3. Nice shot Mike, gorgeous mirror like reflection with beautiful tones. When I was over that way at Easter I went looking around lake pambula for compositions to return to in nice light, I finally found one but the light over the coming days never eventuated…next time perhaps !


  4. Thanks Tony, I will be checking the area out more thoroughly next time this was just a chance opportunity. Hopefully you will get your light the next time you are in the area.


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