Use at your own risk!

Merimbula Lake Jetty final Velvia


I have pictured the shot of this jetty for a while now but never got the lighting that I wanted to make the shot, however last weekend that all changed. I drove to the location just before sunrise only to be met by an uninspiring backdrop of clouds and no sun poking through. After taking a few uninspiring shots I decided to pack up and head up to the beach about 300m up the road. After chatting with a painter from Cooma taking photos of cloud formations to paint I headed back to the car and thought I would head to a new location and ‘bam’ the lighting just lit up. Be it to say that I have never moved quicker in my life to set up and capture this scene.  I was lucky enough to capture it just in time for the sun to disappear just as quickly as it had appeared. I named the post as is due to a sign standing right before the jetty saying ‘Private Jetty – Use at your own risk’. 

This is probably my favorite photo from the weekend down the coast and it was an 8 image stitch as I had pictured this shot as a panorama for a long time. Let me know what you think!


~ by michaelolive on June 14, 2009.

One Response to “Use at your own risk!”

  1. Nice photo. I’m in Merimbula myself at the moment. Out of interest what kind of filters and post processing are you doing on most of your photos?

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