Aslings Beach

Aslings Beach Sunrise

Sorry about the lack of posts over the past week as I have been away and also been having trouble with my internet connection. I managed to head down the coast for the 3 days over the Queens birthday long weekend and had a fantastic time. The light wasn’t great but the weather was perfect and it was a great break from what is fast turning into a very cold winter here in Canberra (-6 degrees overnight on Wednesday).

We managed to do a bit of exploring in the Eden area which I had never done before. It is such a beautiful area and unfortunately is starting to move ahead quickly which hopefully won’t spoil its natural beauty. This shot was taken on Aslings Beach in the rock pool at the southern end. I got there a bit to late, damn sleeping in, but managed to just get the last remnants of the sunrise, which albeit wasn’t that spectacular. It was shot with a Nikon D90 at 12mm with a 3 stop and 2 stop ND grad filter to try and hold back the highlights in the sky.


~ by michaelolive on June 12, 2009.

10 Responses to “Aslings Beach”

  1. Nice composition, Michael. I really like the way that water is spilling through the hole in the wall and you balanced the light well.

    Were you using Cokin filters? The sky has that magenta cast that has been bothering me in some of my photos lately – not saying it looks bad, but it’s just not the result I am looking for with my photos. I am thinking I might need to upgrade to Lee or Singh Ray when I get back from my trip.

  2. Yeah spot on Beau, I use the Cokin filters but have been thinking the same as you. They are not quite neutral and I too am going to have to splurge soon and get either the Lee or Singh Ray. I will probably need to order them in here in Canberra as no one sells them.

  3. Yeah, I’ll be ordering some new filters soon, too. There’s an interesting discussion on the issue here:

  4. Nice Michael !
    looks like you still got a lot better light than I saw whilst there at Easter. Also good to see the tides were favourable for your visit as well (dawn was low tides for me unfortunately). The very bottom of frame/foreground is lighter which I find a little distracting. Great to see you got away for a few days and I hope you have more to post. I saw Canberra was -2 to 4C the other day….poos things !
    I might dig out what i got from eden at easter to share (unless it is totally disgusting) lol

  5. Cheers Beau, I have seen a post by Brent discussing it but hadn’t seen this link so thanks.

    Tony, I will see if I can balance the lighting a bit as I think you are right. Winter is really cranking up here in Canberra at the moment and I am sure you are copping it too! It would be good to see some of your photos from easter mate, I am sure they are great!

    • hey Michael,
      Last week was pretty chilly but there was really only a couple of ‘gnarly’ days with thunder,hail,wind, snow down to 500m etc. The Gnarly days are good…it’s all the other boring/cold dull crap that annoys me.
      I posted one from Aslings on RB about a month ago – feel free to check it out @

      I took a few more in the region and sourced a couple of other locations as well but the weather/light was just unconducive during my 3-4 days there so they have almost disappeared amongst the masses on my HD or Film files at this stage – lol

  6. Great colour and exposure Michael.
    Have you been to Aragunnu in Mimosa Rocks NP? north of Tathra, its awesome there for shots.

  7. Hey Thomas, thanks for the comment.
    Went to Aragunnu and Mimosa Rocks NP on the same trip as this one but didn’t get much time there and was there at the wrong time of day, just exploring really. I am keen to get back there as you are right there is a wealth of photographic opportunities there.


  8. Nice shot Micheal I like that , the color cast adds to it.

    You can buy Lee filters from Media Vision in Sydney, that’s where I got mine from. You might have to Google it as I don’t have their details with me at the moment I got them for the same price as B&H and they had them in stock in Sydney and they were good to deal with.

  9. Thanks Merv, sometimes it adds to a shot and sometimes not.

    I will have to check Media Vision out, now I just need to save some cash to make the purchase but it is definitely something i won’t be able to live with for too much longer.


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