The forgotten ones

Lanyon Gates

As I haven’t been getting out much lately it has been a good opportunity to go through some older shots that didn’t get the go ahead first time around or were shot before I started blogging. As my photography skills improve so do my photoshop skills and it is kinda fund going back over old shots to see how I could process them differently the second time around. Therefore over the coming weeks I will be posting some older images that I think should get a run on here.

This is the first one of the series which was taken a couple of months ago about 5 minutes drive south of my house. I originally liked the composition of this shot but the colour’s didn’t quite work out how I pictured them in my head so I have given it the black and white treatment and I think it actually benefits greatly from it. Let me know what you think?


~ by michaelolive on May 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “The forgotten ones”

  1. looks pretty good Michael – nice country there mate. I think this may even work well or perhaps better (?) as a duo tone – Flemming does these quite well…As for myself I can’t get saticfactory results from this form of processing yet either…
    cheers, 🙂

  2. Very nice, Michael. I’ve taken a liking to contrasty black and white photos lately, and this one just hits the spot.

  3. Thanks Tony, I agree about the duotone but like you I just can’t seem to get them right in post processing. i guess I will keep trying!

    Cheers Beau, I am loving the high contrast black and whites at the moment to. I’d say I will be posting a few more here in the coming weeks.

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