I thought that in light of the budget being handed down last week I would post this image I took of Parliament House a couple of weeks ago. The light was pretty ordinary in this direction but I was keen to start trying to get a few good images of Canberra’s iconic buildings starting with Parliament. I think I will have to get my a*se out of bed and get there early one morning to get the lighting that I want to compliment this shot.

It is getting harder and harder to shoot photos during the week as it seems it doesn’t get light until about 7.30am and gets dark at about 5.30pm normally the hours I am at work so looks like it is weekend shooting for me for the moment.

Thanks for stopping by.


~ by michaelolive on May 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Recession!”

  1. I really like that Micheal….great shot.

    There must be stacks of great architectural possibility’s around Canberra.

  2. Hi Merv

    There a lot of great opportunities in Canberra for architectural photography which I am starting to take advantage of. I think living here you kind of take those things for granted sometimes. Thanks for visiting.


  3. nice shot Michael ,
    didnt know parlement house was that colorfull at night ,

  4. Cheers Kirk,
    It lights up every night and there is also a pond in front that if you get a still night you can also get some good reflections going.

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