Winter’s early


Well the weather has turned pretty quickly here in Canberra, it is as though someone has flicked the switch and the sun has dissapeared for the winter. A cold front brought with it some very cold and windy conditions over the long weekend, enough so that there is snow visible on the far Brindabella Mountains and some long dark snow clouds hovering overhead. This normally doesn’t happen until about mid July, however I am sure that the snow fields are enjoying the early dump as they got as much as 20cm at Perisher and I know they are praying for a bumper season. 

I spent half of the weekend painting walls in the house but did manage to get out and get a few photos, just not as many as I had of hoped. This shot was taken just near my house looking West towards the Brindabella mountains just as a rain shower was sweeping across the countryside. There was break in the clouds that allowed the sun rear its head long enough for me to capture this image.

Time to bunker down for the winter, bring on the snow I say!


~ by michaelolive on April 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Winter’s early”

  1. That’s a stunning shot.

  2. nice rural scene Michael – Yeah it has turned all too quick ! brr ! With the image I like the light on the dry paddocks and the rain shafts.


  3. Thanks iheartfilm.

    Thanks Tony, I bet you are copping the weather down south to!

  4. very nice.
    it’s really not a scene you see very often.
    love the contrasts of the clouds and rain with the dry paddocks!

  5. Hi Michael
    Can I use this stunning image as a still in an amateur music video to illustrate the line
    “Brindabellas white with snowflakes tonight?”

    The song is “Mooloolaba” you can read about it and listen at


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