And then came the rain



I have read a few photo blogs lately talking about waiting for the wet season to come to bring along with it some new photo opportunities. Canberra doesn’t really have a wet season, more dry and really dry but Saturday night brought with it the best rainfall we have seen in about 3 months. Unfortunately it was also the first ACT Brumbies game I have attended in 4 years, thanks again Scottie, so I got absolutely drenched as there was no cover for our seats. It was great timing though as Canberra is really, really dry at the moment.

I woke up Easter morning and decided that I would head up to Gibralta Falls to see if there was still any water running. To my surprise there was more than I have seen in a long time. I have only ever seen the falls from the tourist viewing platform never from the bottom of the falls as I had never felt that adventurous, however yesterday I decided it was time. It was quite a journey down to the river bed and then back up towards the falls, especially as the rain had made everything slippery, but eventually I got there. After waiting for the cloud to cover the sun I snapped some shots, hung out for a bit and then decided it was time to head back to the top. Luckily there were some people abseiling the face of the falls that new a quicker, albeit more treacherous way back up. I put my best rock climbing skills to the test and started scaling the face with backpack and tripod in tow. Pretty scary stuff but got to the top without incident. 

This shot was taken at the base of the falls which is a view point that I have not seen before personally or in any photos.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend.



~ by michaelolive on April 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “And then came the rain”

  1. nice shot ,
    Like the composition and nice exposure on the water

  2. Thanks Kirk, it was nice to see some water running in the falls for once.

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