More Graffiti



More graffiti from the streets of Melbourne, these were taken in Rutledge Lane in the CBD and Brunswick Street just out of the CBD. I love graffiti and urban photography, especially when it is this colourful.

Hope everyone has a great easter long weekend. Work has been really hectic lately so I am hoping that with the 4 day break I can get out and take some more photos. At this stage I am planning on shooting around Canberra and maybe even heading down south near Cooma to get some more shots from the landscape down there, either way I hope the weather is kind. At this stage it is looking like mid twenties with a bit of rain so hopefully there might be some interesting skies.

Happy shooting! Go the Bunnies!


~ by michaelolive on April 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “More Graffiti”

  1. You did it again!
    I especially like ‘Rutledge Line Graffiti’. First of all it’s got this beautiful color section on the right, then it leads your eye through some darker space, and then you blast into that gate. Stop! Wait a second. And then up the stairs, into the light.
    That’s delicious!

  2. Thanks Emil, it is a pretty inspiring lane way, could have taken photos for hours. I really love the bold colour’s of some of the artwork in Melbourne. Thanks again.

  3. Cool shots representing the lanes well Michael. I agree with you on Melbourne – I think it is the best capital city in Aust. It has so much soul and so many things to do all the time no matter what your taste. Added by a great range of landscape and coastal diversity and things to do not that far out.

  4. Thanks Tony, the lanes were cool to visit. I am keen to head back to Melbourne for a longer period so that I can do the city justice and also get out of town and visit other places. I travelled to the Victorian Alps in January and loved it so I am keen to do more of Victoria as it looks beautiful from the photos I have seen on your blog.


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