Melbourne = little photography


Back from Melbourne and had a great weekend but didn’t get much photography done. It was pretty much completely overcast or raining the whole weekend so decided to just chill out and enjoy myself.

We did however manage to get down to Rutledge Lane to shoot some of the graffeti covered walls as the weather provided low contrast conditions. I love the colours and the grungy feel to these little laneways on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD. There are definitely some talented street artists in Melbourne. You can see my wife patiently waiting at the end of the laneway as she didn’t like the smell going on in the enclosed area.

We spent the rest of the weekend taking in the atmosphere, shopping and dining out. Melbourne is such a cool city as it has a much more relaxed vibe than Sydney and has culture oozing out of it. It is somewhere I could definitely see myself living for a year or two in the future.

I also managed to pick up a new tripod head (Manfrotto 488RC2) as I was starting to get annoyed with my 3-way head as for me personally it just takes too long to compose an image and get the horizon straight. I haven’t had a chance to run it through its paces but am definitely looking forward to the easier usage.

Thanks for visiting!


~ by michaelolive on April 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Melbourne = little photography”

  1. I LIKE this!!

  2. Awesome, Michael… I’m a big fan of street art and you’ve captured it nicely. I spent a few days in Melbourne late last year and managed to grab a few shots of the laneways – some of the art is amazing! 🙂

  3. Thanks Emil!!

    Cheers Beau, I have been wanting to photograph these lanes for a while. Would like to have spent more time there but had to keep the wife happy. I love street art too and these artists are pretty impressive, some of the best I have seen. I would love to re-visit Melbourne for a week or so to just hang out and take photos instead of being on a weekend visit.

    Have an awesome easter!

  4. Thanks, you too!

    I may be down in Melbourne in 2-3 weeks if things go according to plan. I am definitely keen to explore the laneways some more 🙂 You have inspired me.

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