Melbourne Take Two


My wife and I leave for Melbourne tonight to try and take the break we were meant to have a month ago. Unfortunately we couldn’t go as I got really sick the night before and had to postpone. I am looking forward to taking in all Melbourne has to offer and I am sure my wife is looking forward to blowing a large hole in our feeble credit card. 

Hopefully I will be able to get away from my duties as being a mule for my wife and take some photos. I have had a quick look at the Free Photo Guides website set up by Brent Pearson and am looking forward to visiting some of the locations listed and finding some new ones for myself. The Free Photo Guides website is such a great tool, as it continues to grow it will become more and more useful for amateur photographers like myself.

Living on the east coast means getting up early a lot of the time to get good light. I am by no means a morning person but once I have dragged myself out of bed I am usually glad that I did. There is something pretty cool about being the only one around to experience what is I believe the best part of the day and the feeling of knowing that you still have a full day ahead of you. The shot above was taken along the Merimbula river inlet just after sunrise, it was awesome just to sit there and watch the tide come in while everyone else is asleep.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, I am very jealous at the news of the Karijini workshop next year for all you guys out West, would be a great learning experience and a great trip. Wish I had a spare few grand lying around.

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~ by michaelolive on April 3, 2009.

One Response to “Melbourne Take Two”

  1. Hi there,

    I’m directing a play in Bangalore, India called ‘Pizzazz’ and was looking for images for the poster and landed in your site from google. I ‘m writing to you to ask if I can use this image for the play poster? I guess I’ll req a high res image for it…ie, of course, if you’re ok to share it. Something about the mood of this picture fits right in with the play. There is a write up on the play in the site I mentioned in the comments form. Do let me know if this works for you. I can def mention your website/name as a part of the publicity material/credits and any other req you might have for the same. Looking fwd to hearing from you.

    And lovely photos..I must say 🙂

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