Cooma Wastelands



The drive between Cooma and Nimmitabel in southern NSW is almost like driving through a wasteland. It is 35km of alien like landscape excentuated by drought with no sign of life apart from the grazing sheep and cattle. Strangely enough I am drawn to this area photographically as I guess it typifies traditional Australia and shows off the vastness of this country.

I have driven past this windmill on several occasions and have always been drawn to it however never had the lighting to take advantage of it. On this day everything must have aligned as the clouds in the sky added interest and whilst I was setting up the shot about 100 sheep who I didn’t even know were there decided to walk over and pose for a photo. Although this shot was taken in the mid afternoon sun I think it works due to contrast of the colours in the shot and the subject it depicts.

This is the only panoramic shot I have taken in the past few weeks as I thought a single image wouldn’t do it justice, so I am keen for any feedback. I was reasonably lucky with aligning the sheep between frames but there are probaly 1 or 2 sheep that if zoomed right in may look a tad off.

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~ by michaelolive on March 31, 2009.

12 Responses to “Cooma Wastelands”

  1. I love this panoramic photo~! Very nice…

  2. Nice photo MIchael – like the panoramic format, and yes your right, the daytime shot with the clouds looks great.

  3. It’s a beauty, mate. I think it was wise to do a stitch of this scene 🙂

  4. Very good image mate!
    I would also like to see it with the blues desaturated.
    Wouldnt look like the ‘happy’ scene it is but would probably look cool!

  5. Brilliant work, I love this one! Nothing wrong with shooting in the middle of the day, here it helps with the bright daylight colours and the feeling of sunny and hot. It’s exactly the sort of outback images I love, still looking for a great windmill shot myself.

    If you every revisit this shot, you may wish to try and recover the highlights in the RAW file just a bit, some of the clouds seem to have slightly blown highlights.

  6. Thanks Behyc!

    Eric, thanks again for visiting, glad you like it.

    Thanks Beau the single shot just didn’t do it for me.

    Dylan, thanks for dropping by. I will have a go at desaturating the blues as I think you are right it might add drama as an alternative version of this shot. Man I need to work on my photoshop skills.

    Flemming, there are plenty of rural shots near Canberra being the bush capital. I am keen to re visit this area as there are some interesting landscapes. I will re-visit and look at the highlights in the clouds as I should be able to rescue them.

    Thanks again all for taking the time to comment its much appreciated.

  7. Nice rural shot Mike, It’s dry droughty ‘barreness’ screams aussie which is fantastic ! The stitch format definitely works better here than the traditional 3:2 would.

  8. nice shot Michael ,
    The day light shot works well nice subject matter as well find windmills give the classic county look

  9. Thanks Tony, it is defeinitely an aussie scene.

    Hi Kirk, Thanks for the comment, I have always been drawn to this windmill for some reason.

  10. I wouldn’t change a thing. There’s a quite,lonesome old man living here.

  11. great shot!
    wiked composition, and yes pano worked well.

    it definitely does sum up the Aussie country side!

  12. Hi Tom, it is strangely a beautiful area, lonely but beautiful.

    Thanks Stephen, it definitely is a very Australian scene. Thanks for visiting.

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