Short Point MkII


This is another shot from Short Point in Merimbula taken early on a very cloudy morning. I like this one not only because of the mood the lighting provides but also because of the wave breaking in the background as I think it adds drama to the image.

There isn’t much time for photography this weekend as catching up with some mates for a night on the town this afternoon and sure enough I will have a thumping headache in the morning and will barely want to leave the house.

Hope everyone is getting the beautiful weather that we are getting here at the moment. I know winter is just around the corner but this is my favorite time of year as you get clear sunny days with hardly any wind to speak of. Also the leaves are starting to change colour which will open up more opportunties for photos around town.

Have a great weekend, I’m off for a beer.



~ by michaelolive on March 28, 2009.

10 Responses to “Short Point MkII”

  1. Omg.. That shot is AWESOME !

  2. absolutly right, awesome!!!!

    come to my blog too 😀

  3. it’s beautiful!!

  4. Another great shot, but I must admit I do like the purple in the first shot. Look forward to seeing some of your Autumn shots.

  5. Thanks Miki

    Thanks Tau, I will be sure to have a look at your blog.

    Thanks for stopping by rejectedragdoll.

    Thanks Eric, I couldn’t choose which one I liked best so thought I would post both. I am looking forward to shooting autumn.

  6. wow great shot, whats the info (f/ sec ISO)?

  7. Thanks Rafi, the shot was taken at 24mm @ f16, 1/4 sec, ISO 200 with 0.9 ND Grad Filter. There was a big surf running that day.

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Thanks for the info,great shot.

  9. very nice shot.
    the water looks great!

  10. Stephen, thanks for the comment. The water was processed with a technique I learnt from Brent Pearson’s blog.

    Thanks again

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