After rambling about shooting less stitched images my first post afterwards is a stitched image.

This is the last sticthed image I shot before making the conscious decision in my previous post. I didn’t post the image at the time as I felt it was a perfect example of taking a stitched image just because I could and not because it is a particularly strong composition or image. Despite the average lighting I don’t think I really did the location justice.

My hat will go off to the person who comes out with an affordable 3:1 panoramic digital camera that isn’t the size or cost of a small car.

Anyway I am off to the NSW south coast tomorrow morning for a few days with the wife and friends so hope to get some new photo’s after what has been a bit of a lull the past couple of weeks. Hope everyone enjoys what could possibly be the last of the great weather this weekend, well at least in my neck of the woods.



~ by michaelolive on March 20, 2009.

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