Under the Bridge



This is a pretty well known location to Canberran’s and I have seen many photo’s taken from this vantage point before (mostly at night) however I have never seen a panoramic view of this scene. I like the strong lead in lines of the bridge leading towards Parliament House with the flag pole just visible in the distance. This was also shot using the 10 stop ND filter which enabled me to use a 5 second exposure at 1pm.

We leave for Melbourne on Friday so hopefully things will calm down on the fire front. It could be an interesting drive as it nears quite a few areas affected by the fires so we have our fingers crossed that we have a trouble free run. Photography wise it will be interesting to see how the fires are affecting the lighting conditions in Melbourne. Hopefully I will have some photos next week from the trip, that’s if I can contain my wife’s enthusiasm for shopping.



~ by michaelolive on March 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Under the Bridge”

  1. Sweet shot Mike – the pan format works a treat on this ! well done mate !

  2. Thanks again Tony, I have seen this shot taken a million times at night but never during the day and never in a pan format. I think it worked better than I expected.


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