Forster’s Bay Jetty



This is the first photo from my weekend down at Potato Point. It was taken at Forster’s Bay in Narooma, about a 20 minute drive south. I was drawn to the contrasty and weathered look of the planks on the jetty.

The photo was taken at midday and as the day was very overcast I thought it would be a perfect time to try out my new 10 stop ND filter. This allowed me to use an exposure of 30 seconds @ f16 in broad daylight enabling me to remove the distraction of the choppy water by rendering it smooth. This thing is a beast, you have to compose your shot, take an exposure reading and pre-focus before adding this filter on the lense as once it is on you can barely see through the viewfinder. Obtaining the correct exposure is a bit of trial and error as well. Looking forward to experimenting further with this thing in the months to come. Because the light wasn’t great I converted to black and white in photoshop trying a technique out of Scott Kelby’s book to boost contrast.

it has been a very busy couple of weeks at work so haven’t got around to processing many images but hopefully there will be more images to come over the next few days. Thanks for visiting the site.

Cheers Mike


~ by michaelolive on February 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Forster’s Bay Jetty”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I really like the ‘waviness’ of the jetty and the high contrast b&w conversion…

  2. Thanks Beau, I was drawn to the wavy contours of the jetty. It was actually condemned so I had to climb over the barrier to get the shot. My screen isn’t calibrated properly so I am flying a little blind with editing so was hoping the B&W turned out ok on other screens.

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