Twilight at the National Museum


I joined the Canberra Photographic Society the other day and attended my first excursion which was to the National Museum at twilight. I don’t consider myself that interested in architectural photography and hence I am not that good at seeing compositions but the whole reason I joined the society was to challenge myself and to learn from other photographers in the area. It was a good challenge trying to use the abundance of lines, textures and colours at the museum to create a pleasing image.

This is one of the images I like the best from the shoot on tuesday night. I will post a  few more from the evening over the coming days and thanks again to the society members who attended, I look forward to the next excursion.

I am heading down the coast again this weekend so i won’t be posting anything this weekend, hopefully the light or at least the surf will be better this weekend. Have a good one!

Nikon D90, 18-70mm @ 18mm, f8, 1 sec.


~ by michaelolive on February 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Twilight at the National Museum”

  1. This is an excellent abstract image. Great colors and patterns. Keep looking outside of your comfort zone!

  2. Another nice shot love the lines and color in this building

  3. Kirk, it is a pretty cool bit of architecture, I am keen to see the shots from other people on the night to see how they turned out. Cheers Mike.

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