Sunrise - Mollymook

Sunrise - Mollymook

Another photo from last weekend down the coast. This shot was taken just on sunrise at the South point of Mollymook beach. I am keen to re-visit this location when there is more cloud cover in the sky as I think it would make for a great photo.

Nikon D90, Nikon 18-70mm @ f16.


~ by michaelolive on February 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Mollymook”

  1. Nice shot Michael,
    Bloody slippery that rock, the Mollymook area is awesome for photography.

  2. Bloody slippery Thomas, the surf was quite big as well so it made it quite fun to try and keep my camera gear from getting wet. Thank god for the slip on shoes with some grip. Yeah it is an area I would like to visit more often just need to get the time to get down there more often.

    Thanks for visiting

  3. Wow beautiful picture!

    I’m starting something new and I was wondering if you’d like to participate. It’s a photo parade blog with a new theme each week. Next week is to be the first week and the theme is “Sunrise”.

    Would you be interested in posting a your sunrise picture for next week’s “Sunrise” theme photo parade? You would be credited and the photo would link back to your own site.


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