A new President!

I am not one to talk to much politics, but what a relief that George W is now officially out of office. 8 years of incompetence finally history, so lets just hope that Mr Obama can do a better job. I am so waiting for the President Bush gaf DVD to hit the shelves in the next few weeks.

The Australian Open is starting to take grip of my evenings, which isn’t allowing much time for shooting at the moment. Luckily the conditions remain pretty ordinary here in Canberra. We did get a big storm here yesterday evening, however it didn’t evenutuate in to much. It is forecasted here again tonight so hopefully something will come of that.

The image below was taken on the weekend near Corin forest just outside Canberra. Its not the best image but I thought I would have a go at a panoramic stitch in the vertical format for the first time. Canberra is so dry at the moment so i am hoping that the forecasted rain will add some colour to the landscape.

Nikon D90, Nikon 50mm @ f13, 6 images stitched and cropped.

Near Corin Forest

Near Corin Forest


~ by michaelolive on January 21, 2009.

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